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find.judahs.home G9J8+GF Lusaka, Zambia J9JF+X7 Lusaka, Zambia
GET.ME.HERE G9R3+46 Lusaka, Zambia
Pinnon.Safari.Lodge X2HM+8C Chunga, Zambia
Gas.Guys.Zambia H8W5+CX Lusaka, Zambia
Destination.Zambia.Travel H8W5+CX Lusaka, Zambia


How to...?

How to...?

  • By registering a unique FindMeHere address, you are able to easily provide your location to people without the complication of street address, postal codes etc
  • Words that are relevant, are easier to remember than specific addresses
  • In areas were there are NOT specific regulated address in existing, where there are no street names, your FindMeHere address is simple and easy for people to reach you. It can even be an address in the bush!!
  • There are several beneficiaries of this system, and can be used for
    • Food deliveries
    • Security responses by Police or Security companies
    • Young children needing to advise authorities of their home address
    • Clients of your business
    • Municipal Services response to call outs for Electricity, Water etc
    • Trade services response for maintenance – TV , telephone communications, internet etc
  • Your FindMeHere address is made up of three words, separated by Full Stop –
  • Example
  • You can use any 3 words, and any combination of text or numbers
  • You can use any language or dialect
  • When choosing your 3 word FindMeHere address, try keep the words as short or as simple as possible.
  • Remember you will be giving this address to others you want to find you, so the easier to remember, or to spell, or to understand, the more effective it will be
  • [ Especially if you are using FindMeHere for your home address for Children to remember, keeping it simple will be more effective]
  • If you are using the FindMeHere address name for your business location, you may want to include brand identity, or descriptive words that describe your business
  • There is no restriction on the number of FindMeHere names that can utilize a specific Plus Code
  • This accommodates people living in apartment buildings, or multiple business operating at one address
  • The actual FindMeHere name address however is unique.
  • Unfortunately a specific FindMeHere name address must be unique
  • If you try register a chosen FindMeHere set of names, and it already exist, then you will be notified
  • You may however chose a very similar name, by changing some letters or one of the words

#InZ_: #InZ_FindMe

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